Rooflessness & Resettlement Project


The overall aim of the Rooflessness & Resettlement Project is to reduce homelessness and repeat homelessness in Ceredigion and rural mid-Wales through the provision of safe accommodation for ‘rough sleepers’ and homeless people. Additionally this project aims to achieve positive resettlement outcomes through engaging with service users and by providing support, client activities, housing advice, welfare, finance and benefits advice and signposting to specialist agencies.

The project incorporates a night shelter providing 24 hour access throughout the year. We put an emphasis on long term stability, giving service users the opportunity to identify and deal with specific issues over a longer term while still being accommodated within the project.

While resident within the project, the Care Society Social Lettings Scheme will explore potential housing options for the service users with a view to future independent living. Our resettlement programme works successfully alongside the Care Society Bond Scheme and the Social Lettings Scheme.         

The ‘night shelter’ is staffed by fully trained and competent Night Project Workers and manned by staff throughout the day and night.