Housing First for Youth Project


There is evidence that when young people exit homelessness and become housed, the outcomes are not strong and housing stability is elusive. Young people need a broader range of help and support that is comprehensive and developmentally appropriate. Without this we risk condemning young people to a life of poverty, social exclusion and potentially a return to homelessness.


In light of this the Care Society Housing First for Youth Project is designed to address the needs of developing young adults from 18 to 25 years old. The key goal is not simply to be individually housed but to be supported through a successful transition to independence and well-being.

The project ensures that young people are able to exit homelessness with the trauma informed support they need to stabilise their housing, and help them transition to adulthood in a safe and planned way that guarantees their well-being. The Care Society model provides interventions that will give young people access to help and support for as long as they need it in order to recover, to grow and mature, and to engage in school, college or employment and become socially included within their communities.