Holidays With Heart

Holidays With Heart – Connecting with People

From the moment you arrive in Morocco, there is the chance to get to know a group of enthusiastic, genuine, interesting people: our staff and their friends.

Their engagement with you brings a feeling of connection with the Moroccan culture and local people in this varied region of lush valleys and arid mountains. Besides we are based in an authentic market town with few tourists.

Also you will no doubt bond with like-minded guests through the shared experiences.

Travellers often stay on the periphery of societies they visit, but our staff take you straight to the heart of Morocco.  You bring your heart to the heart of Moroccan communities and go away knowing a lot more and feeling very different.  Holidays with Heart are special.

Our holistic holidays bring a real connection with local peoplethe landscape, the culture, the environment, the food and our charitable work in the community.

Holiday With Heart – Connecting with Our Charitable Projects

The charitable causes we support are on a human scale so that visitors can meet and interact with the beneficiaries and feel compassion for people, animals and the planet. 

Projects include the Save the Endangered Yellow Saharan Bee Project, the Orphanage, Street-Connected Children’s Project, the Soap-making and Embroidery projects, various cooperatives and more. Many projects support women and children.

It’s about feeling: 

  • responsible, excited and connected
  • aware and wanting to contribute
  • good through giving and receiving support

It’s not an ordinary holiday. It’s more than that.  Responsible Tourism is a big part of it; choices are another part.  We make it easy for you to use resources responsibly by providing, for example:

  • Outstanding sustainable building design with minimal energy use
  • A not-for-profit shop selling goods for good causes
  • Locally sourced food with many vegetarian options to reduce deforestation

We aim to give you incredible experiences which you will treasure for years to come.

Most of all, Holidays with Heart give you a real chance to tread carefully on the Road Less Travelled, leaving an imprint only where appropriate. Also you’ll have opportunities to be involved  – buying products, contributing ideas, volunteering, introducing volunteers, bringing and giving donations for the projects…

And you, like us, will probably leave a part of your heart in Morocco. In fact, I never planned this project when I first set foot in Morocco in the early 1990s – it evolved because the people and the land captured my heart.

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