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A Type Test

  1. Ensure bodyguard is in Sleep Mode (Blank Screen)
  2. With Tally in, press left hand button (To wake bodyguard)
  3. Allow timer segments to elapse twice
  4. When Icon appears : Press Left button (beep) Then Right button (beep)
  5. Remove Tally and press Yellow manual activation button ! to test reduced audibility
  6. Silence Alarm – Refit Tally

Alarm Test

  1. Remove Tally
  2. Press left hand button to illuminate screen
  3. Remove tally, place on surface
  4. Check pre Alarm 30 seconds, shake to silence, Allow to go into Full Alarm (30-15 seconds)
  5. Silence alarm, refit tally
  6. Hold left hand button to enter sleep mode (normal audibility)

Connect Cylinder

  1. Check Cylinder strap securing pins are in place
  2. Connect cylinder hand tight and ensure jacket is correctly aligned then attach entanglement strap. Main Strap 4,2,3,1
  3. Disconnect LDV from facemask – Reset First Breath Mechanism

Open / Close Cylinder

  1. Wake Bodyguard (press left hand button)
  2. Press left hand button before segment disappear
  3. Open cylinder fully when prompted, Close cylinder fully when prompted
  4. Press right hand button before illuminated segment disappear
  5. Wait 1 Minute for static test to complete
  6. Vent slowly – cover outlet of LDV with ball of hand, press the supplementary supply button – slowly vent the system by carefully lifting the ball of the hand
  7. Observe gauge and listen for both the audible warnings 74 and 60 bar

Don Facemask

  1. Reset first breath mechanism
  2. Open cylinder & Don facemask
  3. Take 2 deep breaths
  4. Hold breath, move head, yes sir no sir
  5. Check positive pressure, 2 fingers
  6. Operate supplementary supply button
  7. Hold breath and reset LDV
  8. Loosen straps and remove mask

Entry Control Board

  1. Place tally in ecb ensure you get the connection Green and Blue lights
  2. Close cylinder valve, Drain set get “0” air reading
  3. Remove tally from board
  4. insert tally in bodyguard
  5. If necessary press left hand button for sleep mode
  6. Check ancillary equipment
  7. Fill in log book
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